Riding, food & cultural hideaway in Serbia


The rides are at a moderate pace overall, with routes taking you through forests and up and down mountain tracks, with opportunities for trots and canters in the open fields and where the terrain allows it. To participate you should be an intermediate rider, comfortable in the saddle at all paces as the tour requires 4 to 6 riding hours per day on varied terrain.

The minimal requirement is that you are in control of a horse at a walk, trot and canter and are used to riding in the open country and over different types of terrain.

Horses that you will ride are Lipizzan horses, horses mixed with Lipizzan and Balkan, mixed Balkan and Bosnian Mountain horses. The breed of speckled horse is unknown. The Balkan breed is characteristic for this area and known for its gentleness.

They are small to medium sized, strong hearted animals, especially suitable for trail and endurance riding. Sure footed on rough ground help the rider cover greater distances with less effort.