Riding, food & cultural hideaway in Serbia

Sumadija Trail

Day 0:

Overnight stay in Spa Resort "My Soul" in Knic.

Day 1:

Knic lake-Borac-Belo Polje.

Riding from the lake Knic to Borac and on to Belo Polje (1st overnight stay is in Belo Polje, on a farm with a host family).

In Borac will be a very old fortress (ruins) visited from the Roman period and an ancient church dating back to 1395. The church has been spared by the Ottomans, so you can still admire the original frescoes. Predominantly field rides, routes, and only a little forest.

Day 2:

Belo Polje-Zdreban

Zdreban is an air thermal bath, where was once a large complex was started but never completed because of diff. Reasons. Many people tell that headaches go away if they stay for a while in Zdreban.

The trail leads trhough nice oak forets, over plateaus over which you can nicely gallop.Overnight stay in Zdreban in a private accommodation.

Day 3:

Zdreban to Vujan (old monastery) and continuing to the spa Gornja Trepca

From Zdreban we ride to the spa of Gornja Trepca, where you can have a massage and a thermal spa (massage and bath surcharge: massage about € 15 .- / 45min, Wather Spa Euro 20.-,medical body check obilgated.

A few words to the thermal spa Gornja Trepca.

"Even the heroes of the Battle of Kosovo, as well as the participants in the I. and II. Serbian Uprising have here allegedly healed their wounds. For many centuries, there are legends about our spa; a legend: a Serbian hero slew his sick and exhausted horse here after the Battle of Kosovo. The horse lay for days in the mud next to the source. When a few days later the monks of the nearby monastery Vujan came and cheerfully neighing horse saw, they spread the story of the healing waters. The water was "Svetinja" (Sanctuary) appointed and they began to drink the water and described in him baden.Bei an investigation of the physicochemical properties of the thermal waters of Gornja Trepca in 1904 of Dr. M. Nikolic and Dr. A.Zege the former spa. There were four huts where 50 to 60 patients could be accommodated, a village and a monastery tavern and a poorly furnished bath room. The season lasted from June to September. The roads were bad and at times completely impassable. The hard movable and immovable patient had to be carried to the bath room on hands."

The spa is particularly good for rheumatic and neurological ailments.

Day 4:

Thermal Spring Gornja Trepca through Takovo to Klaticevo

In the 2nd Takovo uprising began under the guidance of Milos Obrenovic against the Ottomans. Us expects a beautiful accommodation (Tri Hrasta = Three Oaks), a swimming pool and sauna (Sauna surcharge). The ride leads us through quaint villages, different forests, fields to Klaticevo.

Day 5:


Again through sleepy villages, fields and at the end more forests we reach finally Zagradje. There is a dead volcano located called Ostrvica, with a height of 758 m above sea level, where the guests have the possibilty to climb up and enjoy the wonderful sight. Ostrvica is located next to the mountain Rudnik. Accommodation on a farm.

Day 6:

Ostrvica-Belo polje

From Ostrvica over the wooded mountain Rudnik (1132 m above sea level. M.) through nice, different forets and later through fields, we make a break in Gornja Crnuca and after a final nice ride we arrive on our farm in Belo polje. On request, and if there is enough time available, we can visit the monastery Vracevsnica from the 14 Century, which is located on the way back.

The trail is about 170 km

Contact us for any further information.